Sunday, June 5, 2011

I feel like I am at the edge of something.

Well, I am at the edge of something.

Mike and I just celebrated our first year of marriage.  It was awesome, perfect even.  We spent the weekend at a small inn in Door County, where we honeymooned a year ago.  We did absolutely nothing.  Absolutely nothing besides take naps in the ridiculously comfy bed, go for walks along the shores of foggy Lake Michigan, drink wine and eat our frozen wedding cake, read in the hammock, drive to get pizza in a crazy thunderstorm, and eat popcorn and watch movies in bed.  We didn't want to leave.
We had a lot to celebrate.  Our first year of marriage was amazing.  Mike and I have been blessed in innumerable ways.  We love marriage.  We feel like we have skipped over a lot of the challenges that many newly married couples face.  It has been the best year of my life.
We were celebrating the great year that we had.  And we were also celebrating the fact that the Lord has called us to not be content with where we are at, and that we are about to embark on something big this year.  We are at the edge of a great adventure.  Year number two of marriage means moving to a foreign country.  It means transitioning to full-time ministry.  It means together leading a team of six other missionaries.  It means new, exciting, and scarey things are in the future.  In August we leave to spend a year as missionaries in the Middle East.  We feel so blessed that the Lord has led us to where we are.  We are all called to the Great Commission, every one of us.  But that doesn't mean that we are all called to get on a plane and go.  Mike and I are some of the lucky ones that actually are.  We have heard the call, specifically to the Middle East, and we are responding to it.  And we are so excited.

So yeah, I am at the edge of something.  My first year of living in Madison and being married and working as a nurse is ending.  And my first year in full time ministry, living overseas, and leading others is about to start.  It is all really bittersweet.  At times I have a lot of doubts.  But then I think back to how I was feeling heading in to last year, graduating college, jobless, about to get married and move to a new city.  It is was all really bittersweet, and I had a lot of doubts.  But God had such good things in store for me.  His plan for this past year was better then I could have hoped for.  And so all I have to do is continue to trust in that.

On to greater things!

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  1. Hhhhmmm! <---- that is me loving this post. I am so excited for you. I know it might be hard, but I am hoping that you keep blogging overseas. :)