Thursday, April 7, 2011

porch swing

Mike and I like to dream about what our future home might look like.  It has been the recent topic of many dinner conversations.  While out for a walk, or driving through neighborhoods, we will point out houses that we like/don't like, and what features we want in our dream home.  One of our biggest dream house features is a front porch.

Big.  Old wooden floor boards.  A swing.  A small table and chairs in the corner perfect for breakfast.  Potted plants.  Summer nights. Early mornings.  Iced tea.  Good conversation.  Watching the storm roll in.  Friends.  Food.  Rocking chairs.  Kids playing in the yard.  A good book.  Watching the leaves change.  Checkers and backgammon.  Listening to the birds.  Morning cup of coffee and the newspaper.  Simple. Lovely.

1 comment:

  1. did you guys creep on those house, or did you just find those pictures online? :)
    love you.