Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An All-American Girl

Remember American Girl dolls?

I will admit now that the above picture totally creeps me out (especially the dolls that are waving at me...), but go back 15 years and I loved anything American Girl related.  I had all the originals:

Samantha, the generous and loyal orphan growing up at the turn of the century:

Molly, the odd one out with glasses, during the midst of World War 2:

Felicity, the spunky colonial girl, full of independence:

Addy, the determined slave girl striving towards freedom during the Civil War:

And Kirsten, the spunky pioneer girl:

My parents, relatives, and godparents spoiled me and fueled my love for American Girls.  I had it all, the dolls, the books, the clothes, the accessories.  I distinctly remember the Christmas Eve when I opened up the big box and saw Molly.  Best Christmas ever!  But it was pretty simple way back in the early 1990's.  Just your handful of dolls, their books and clothes.  

When I started thinking about my childhood love for the dolls, I started doing a little research into where American Girl is now.  

Whoa, they are in a whole new realm now.  New dolls I have never even heard of, "Bitty Baby" baby dolls, and get this, dolls you can design to look however you want, or to even look just like you.  

I decided to design my own doll in my likeness:

Yup, my very own Sarah Hughes inspired American Girl doll.  Complete with glasses to match mine, and even a yoga outfit!

And to leave you with just one more creepy and haunting image... Bitty Baby Twins!!

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  1. I had Kirsten. I took her braids out thinking I could put them back in.... big mistake. Never could get them back in.
    Also, I love how you took the time to make your own doll. I am going to buy her, so I can feel like you are with me when you are out of the country.