Thursday, March 10, 2011

summer, hurry up please

I am getting so anxious for the summer months and warmer weather.  Here is what I am day dreaming about today at work, while it is still 38 degrees outside and snow on the ground:

-having all the windows open, falling asleep to outside noises
-concerts on the square
-the beer garden being open again
-eating dinner (from the grill) on our balcony
-the Brewers
-ice cream
-going for walks after dinner
-not wearing 12,000 layers to run outside
-the 4th of July in Neenah
-riding my bike
-seeing U2 in July
-driving with the windows down
-flip flops and skirts without tights underneath
-going to the terrace
-no more snow
-the Tour de Bago
-corn on the cob
-going to the farmer's market
-being tan
-kids playing outside
-green grass and leaves on trees
-running through the point in Neenah
-Dairy Queen
-hiking at Devil's Lake
-road trips
-fresh homegrown tomatoes
-birds singing in the morning
-the sun gets up early and goes to bed late

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