Thursday, March 17, 2011

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I came across this photo today (, go check her blog out) and instantly saw myself at five or six years old again.  Swap out the blond hair and blue eyes for brown on brown, add a little (okay, a lot) more baby fat, and this little girl is me.  In my bedroom, sunlight streaming in the big picture window, laying on my pink quilt, surrounded by books, still in my dance outfit, with dirty feet.  

I was so happy.  Content.  Loved.  I would lay on my bed for hours like that, reading, dreaming.  Totally unaware of all the sad, scary, and hard things the world has to offer.  At that point, all I was concerned about was what mom was making for dinner, if Shawn and Andy would let me play night games with them this time, and deciding if pink or yellow was my favorite color.  It brought back such sweet and simple memories.      

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