Sunday, October 24, 2010


1. I get really upset when someone takes "my spot" that I eat lunch at every day.  While I grumpily take the second best spot to eat lunch next to my favorite spot, I am silently cursing the poor person, wondering how they could possibly have the guts to steal MY spot.  It really is the perfect place to eat your lunch: next to a big window, comfy chairs, a little table.  I need a sign to mark it as my territory!

2. I like good food.  I love to cook.  I like going to restaurants and trying new things.  I like real food, made with good quality ingredients.  But, one of my favorite treats is a McDonald's ice cream cone.

3. I am mean to my husband while I sleep.  I get grumpy with him.  I kick him.  I demand he gets me a glass of water.  I huff and puff when he reads from his iPhone.  In my defense, I am totally oblivious to this all, and don't remember a thing in the morning.   

4. My running shoes smell bad. 

5. I think I know why my running shoes smell bad... I will wear my athletic socks for multiple runs, and not wash them in between.

6. I judge both wine and books by the cover/label.  Yes, I am fully aware that great books and awesome bottles of wine come in unassuming packages, but why can't they try a little harder to make it look more appealing?!

7.  I spend too much time on the Williams-Sonoma website.  Mike's store is also right next to one, which means that I need to stop there every time I am in the mall to see Mike.  I currently have a long list of W-S goodies that I desperately need.

8. When I am stressed or anxious, my first reaction is to do something drastic to my appearance, say die my hair, pierce my nose, or a get a tattoo.  Thankfully, the furthest this has gone has been cutting off my hair.  If I ever come to you after a long day of work insisting that I want to put a hole in my eyebrow, don't let me!

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